Sunday, 9 September 2012

Newsagents in Church Street 1950's

Was this the shop known as Maynards? 
It was just round the corner from Albury Street.


Hyette said...

My Grandparents were Mr and Mrs Perry and owned a sweetshop in Douglas Way. My grandfather made his own ice cream if anybody either remembers or their families have talked about it. I have a photograph that I can look out. I am researching my family tree, so would love to have any feedback.

Ayse said...

Hi Hyette, I was only little so a bit sketchy but remember 'Perrys' and we always used to go in there for sweets etc. Would love to see a photo of the shop..we lived in Maple house at the back of Idonia st

Anonymous said...

Hello there. Remember it very well. Parry's ice cream was like no other. Still unmatched in my memory. We lived opposite in douglas way and it was a regular sunday treat. Remember knowing mr and mrs perry remember the shop remember the ice cream and always wondered what happened. Obviously the area was developed. Would love a picture please. How do i get one.