Wednesday 28 October 2015

Hi all

Can anyone help Jonny Mudge please ? Here's  his email to me........

Here's my 2 cents on a house in Deptford--stranger than fiction?  Dunno.

When I was in my early teens in the late 40's there were family discussions going on to which I was only a "seen and not heard" child listening in to the adult conversations.  The gist of the conversations was that there was house that my grandfather owned that was being compulsorily purchased as part of a slum clearance and/or redevelopment.  Nelson/Hamilton had some association with the house.  My grandfather lived at 45 Adolphus St which is close by Abury St.  At the time I was only casually listening and may not have got the story correct.  In the family, it was referred to as "Nelson's house".  He was fairly entrepreneurial and bought a number of houses in the east end of London and it's possible that he owned 34 Albury St.

I noticed from Google maps that 34 Albury St is still there so maybe I got it all wrong or perhaps they were discussing the possibility of it being compulsorily purchased.  In the event, it didn't get pulled down.  He didn't live in the house but I understood that he rented it out.  

I would like to verify, for our family history, if, in fact, he owned a house on Albury St.  Unfortunately, I live in California and so to visit Deptford is not easy, but can be done, but it would be more convenient if I could get on-line access to some house ownership records to verify or disprove my memory of events  My grandfather's name was Joseph Mudge and he was born in 1869 or 1870 in Deptford, probably on Adolphus St.

I am the self appointed family historian and any help you give me would be greatly appreciated,

Best regards.

Johnny Mudge