Thursday 27 December 2018

My name is Marian Jessie Bravery (nee Lewington) and I was born in Deptford in November 1936. My parents were Minnie Louisa Lewington (nee Barker) and Leonard John Lewington from Rotherhithe. My mum and Dad lived, with me, at 71 Windmill Lane until we were bombed out near the beginning of the Second World War. Although I was just a toddler at that time I do have some memories of the house. I remember crying when my mum told me that my teddy bear had been looted after the bombing because I used to cuddle him at the foot of the stairs.He was almost the same size as I was, so he was a large teddy! I also remember my mum took me to a grocer shop on a corner off Windmill Lane owned by a nice man called Harry Bloor who used to give me offcuts of breakfast sausage. And my mum used to push me, in my pushchair when going for walks, over the Surrey Canal.
I later discovered that my mum's sister, Ada lived next door, with her husband Leslie. Leslie was later called up and got captured in Singapore immediately they arrived, poor man, and suffered ill health even though he did survive. My aunt Ada spent the whole of the war years not knowing whether he was alive or dead but he turned up at my Granny Barker's flat in Renforth Street, Rotherhithe in 1946!
Our large family took care of me and mum after 71 Windmill Lane was destroyed so we were never without a bed. There is so much more to say (like when I got strafed while walking in Deptford High Street with my mum when I was six and living in Edward Street with my Aunt Flo, Uncle Frank Bennett and cousin Frankie ~ but I don't want to go on too long until I know that I might get a reply to this email. Although I now live in New Zealand, I still love, deep in my heart, Deptford, Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks area.