Friday 6 September 2019

Deptford Ragged School Archive Heritage Open Day

Hi All

My name is Katharine and I am currently running (on a part-time, voluntary basis) the Deptford Ragged School Archive which is based in The Bear Church/Shaftesbury Christian Centre, Frankham St, Deptford. 

Since Jan 2019 I and a group of volunteers have been meeting once a month to catalogue and document the archive, making it publicly available, recording the collection on our Deptford Ragged School Archive page of eHive.  One day we hope to list everything we’ve got on there.
We’re finding out some great stories about the history of the Deptford Ragged School dating back to 1844, the year it was started.

I’m actually getting in touch to invite you all to the Deptford Ragged School Open Day on  Saturday 21st Sept, 13:30-17:00 Shaftesbury Christian Centre, Frankham St, Deptford

Look forward to seeing you all