Thursday 25 November 2021

Patrick 'Patsy' Houlihan, Deptford born and bred.

 Hi everyone,

I'm a sports writer and historian and currently researching a book about the life of Patrick 'Patsy' Houlihan, Deptford born and bred and the greatest snooker hustler of all time as well as former amateur national snooker champion and later a snooker professional too.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew Patsy or has any information or memories about him.

A synopsis of my book is below...

Many thanks
Luke G. Williams

Patsy with Jimmy White

The Natural: The Story of Patsy Houlihan, the Greatest Snooker Player You Never Saw is the compelling story of a man who potted balls fast and potted them hard.

South Londoner Patsy Houlihan was one of the top amateurs of the 50s and 60s as well as the greatest hustler of all time. He should have been a major player on the world stage, but the professional game was a closed shop and the likes of Patsy weren’t welcome.


However, in the smoke-filled snooker halls of the backstreets of working-class Britain, populated by tough men seeking to make a quick buck from the game they loved, Patsy was a folk hero and an inspiration to a generation of players, including his close friend Jimmy White. 


A snooker pioneer and a master entertainer, this is the story of the greatest snooker player who never made it to the big time, but whose exploits, adventures, and skills guaranteed him immortality in the minds and imaginations of those lucky enough to have seen him play.


The Natural brings to vivid life the story of great forgotten talent.

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Unknown said...

hi born and bread in deptford 1957 i remember watching pasty at harry haywoods snooker hall above burtons the taliors when our football game was canceled we would all go there watching patsy was sometheing else jimmy white till this day says the best snooker player he ever saw i a m a alex higgins fan in the frist round of the world championship not sure on the year higgins beat patsy 10 -1 after the game patsy offered to play higgins best of 3 for 500 quid alex said know pasty felt no presure loved to play best of 3 and 5 for money made a good living aswell before snooker hit the big time would have been a world champion oh yes baz