Thursday 20 June 2024

William Joseph Armitage


My name is Wes Long and I am a writer with the Salt Lake City Weekly. I happened upon your website and thought you might have some insight or suggestions on what I could do to locate information on a residence in old Deptford.

I am researching an article on an artist named William Joseph Armitage (1820-1890), who at the age of 15/16 was admitted to the Royal Academy of Arts as a student in Dec. 1836 (see attached image). On the Royal Academy's admittance sheet, I saw Mr. Armitage's name beside the residence of "10 Union St" in what appears to be Deptford. Having discovered that Union Street was later renamed as Albury Street, I was curious to know if you had noticed any information on 10 Albury Street [may not be current numbering anymore] or if there were resources you'd recommend that I utilize.

From what little that I have been able to find thus far, Mr. Armitage went on to teach art somewhere in London and showcase his work while raising a family. They later relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1881.

I would appreciate any guidance or advice your website might have to give.

With regard,

Wes Long
Salt Lake City Weekly