Friday 14 October 2022

Deptford Memories by Jeff Manning

 My name is Jeff Manning, and I was born and bred in Deptford (1950-1970) and I would like to share my memories of Deptford with other deptfordites. 

Deptford had 2 excellent pie and mash shops I remember my brother and me eating in Goddards 

when it was in Evelyn Street but we also enjoyed pie and mash in Manzes 

(Pie and mash was one shilling and 4d for a Pepsi to wash it down.)  Does anyone remember the toy shop on Lamerton Street? 

See below a list of shops I remember:

Edwards the Bakers baked delicious Jam doughnuts they were only a penny each.

Fantos (Does anybody know when Fantos first came to Deptford?)

Mayne’s, Swans Bookstall (Deptford Market Yard), Woolworths

Johnson’s Bakers, Bridges Fish and Chip shop Douglas Way

Perry’s sweet shop Douglas Street, Pecry's

Rossi ice cream shop (Deptford high street and New Cross Road)

Marks and Spencer, Ovenells (Winkle Stall), Lillie’s (Shere Road)

Shopping in Deptford High Street on a Saturday with my mum in the fifties used to take a long time before supermarkets you had to queue up at all the different shops, but it was always busy and vibrant in Deptford then, the crowds so big sometimes you had to walk in the road.

 Deptford High Street Signs

10  Trickett Co Ltd 1889 160 -162 Rebuilt 1846

45 Red Lion & Wheatsheaf

77  Caxton House? (Ladies School in the 1820s)

91 Deptford High Street Built in 1898

Corner of Hamilton Street and Deptford High street 2 small street signs (Hamilton street and Hamilton Place)

thanks all





Oi! You! said...

I as do my Brothers remember most of them! I was born in 1952 and Nan lived in Albury street.
Sunday dinner at Nans always, scragend stew, rice pudding for afters. Tea, seafood, winkle sandwich, cockles, welks, prawns ONLY for the adults, oh! and a bit of angel cake.
We were so poor our Mum would gives us a button each and tell us to go next door and ask them to sew a shirt on it..those were the days! LOL!!

PS. this is my Twin Brothers Blog.

Andy said...

Love you Bro.👍✌

Steve Mitchell said...

I remember going with my dad to Fiburns (I think it was called) every Saturday in the 60s to pay for the telly which was on hire purchase. It was near Goddard's. I also remember the large toy store called Nobles in Deptford Broadway.

Anonymous said...

The Telly!
Our first one came as a result of compo being paid out after Dad lost a finger at work!.

Anonymous said...

I remember fantos being there in1959/60 one of my girlfriends irene naulder was the bosses secretary at that time

Anonymous said...

Maynes was my great uncles shop. He owned one here one in Welling and for a while one in Southwark Park Road. He started as a shop boy sleeping under the counter

Man Erg said...

I lived in Shere Road 1960-1966. I remember Lilies fondly. There was a Mynah Bird in a cage next to the door.
It would talk using colourful language and flick water and seeds at anyone passing.

Anonymous said...

I lived at number 34 Hamilton Street. I was born in 1953 and lived in Hamilton Street until it was demolished I believe in the 1960s. My first school was in Clyde Street and then I went to John Evelyn and then onto the school in Creek Road. I remember many a time going to Goddards or manze for Pie,mash and liquor. Does anyone remember the two stalls at the top of Hamilton Street one on each side selling fruit and veg. My mum loved Fantos Shop she would drag me around there for hours. And does anyone remember the stall in Douglas Street selling live eels. also remember having to walk to Edward Street to get a gallon of paraffin. I remember a teacher from John Evelyn school he would cycle home and lots of children would run behind him. May be giving him a little push. Can’t for the life of me remember his name fond memories.