Wednesday 7 September 2022

13 Deptford High Street.


Thank you for creating the old deptford history website I have enjoyed reading the articles and looking at the old photos,it brought back so many wonderful memories.

I was born and bred in Deptford and have always had an interest in the history of Deptford. I was always curious about the building at number 13 Deptford High Street with its  pillars at the front , 3 steps and the iron railings, it seemed out of place with the rest of the buildings near it.
Could you please let me know if you any information about this building?

Jeff Manning

Hi Jeff

The London  Street directory shows Lipton Ltd  occupying  the property.

London Street Listings in 1940.

Deptford High street 
West side
1 Maison Alvarez, ladies tailor
4,7 & 9 Burton Montague Ltd, tailors
11 Sandford Bros, fruiterers
13 Lipton Ltd, provision dealers
13A Wellbeloved William Hy, butcher

It's obvious Liptons where in the area.

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The Grim Reaper said...

About 35 years ago, when I had not been in Deptford long, I visited LB Hackney's Local History Library in De Beauvoir Town. Making my way from the station, I was astonished to see the exact same house. Although Butt Lane became Deptford High Street in the late 1820s, many houses remained up until the 1870s. Number 13 is an odd survivor, but up until 150 years ago would probably not have stood out. As for the pillars etc, I did a bit of digging and both 13 and the house in Hackney are straight out of 18th Century builders catalogues.
Bill Ellson