Saturday, 3 September 2016

I hope you might be able to help me by posting the following question on your Deptford History website.
I trying to track down information about a group of teenagers who belonged to the St Joseph's youth club ramblers group in the war. I have extracts of a diary from1943 handed down by my wife's late father Bill Grizzell. I'm trying to piece together the stories of the people in that diary. Father Coleburt ran the group and I know about him, he would have been linked to Our Lady of the Assumption church in Deptford high street. The members of the club included Arthur James, Susan Hickman, Betty Stork, Esther Gummer, John Wren, Dickie Boorman, John Grogan, Gerald Donoghue and Joan Sharp. All would have been about 16 or 17 at the time the diary was written.
Peter Eustace


Tony said...

Does anyone remember the printers Dix (Charlemont Press) Ltd that was in Warwickshire Street in the 1940-50's just by the railway bridge. I did my apprenticeship there in 1951-56.

David Bailey said...

They moved to 489a New Cross Road When you did your apprenticeship I think Frank Parkinson was the manager Mike Cherry Bert Smith Frank Spence Ted Collins and the directors would have been Mr William Mr Percy and Mr Richard At about 1956 Keith Briggs started his apprenticeship and I followed in 1961/2in the comp room yours sincerely David Bailey

rob said...

I lived in warwickshire street in the 60s lodging with Mrs Mallows and remember the pub also Rosie's shope nearby - lovely area.

Anonymous said...

Use to go to the Warwick pub a lot with me dad.

Vicki Fludder Ribbands said...

My nan sylvia (nickname Toni)and pops Edward (Ted) Fludder lived on that street with there kids. Teddy. Philip. John.Robert and Julie. They always spoke of there love for there house there.