Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Help for David James


I am researching my mum's ancestors who lived in Hales (or Hale) Street and nearby Stanhope Street from about 1870 to 1910.  Hales St has 
virtually vanished (a short stub remains off  Deptford High Street) - presumably bombed out during the war, and Stanhope Street has vanished 

Does any of your readers have any background information about these two streets, or the people that lived there?  My mother's maiden name was 
Watson and her grand mother's maiden name was Jones.  Both families seems to have moved around a lot within the Hales/Stanhope Street area 
and finally moved south to Sydenham in 1909 or 1910.

Your web site (old deptford history) is absolutely fascinating!

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B said...

This might be a good starting point, though I know some have questioned the portrayal of Deptford today: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/whats-on/tv/the-secret-history-our-streets-deptford-high-street#