Sunday 4 September 2011

29 & 31 Albury Street. Taken Mid 1950's

Here's a picture of Albury Street that was sent to me last week. It's just as I remember it and indeed my nan must have been in residence then. We use to use the lamp post on the left of the photo as a wicket for our games of street cricket. The roof window is shown open and as kids we use to access the roof area without Nan, Grandad knowing.
Another observation...look closely at the original "Lions" head door-knocker on No. 29 (Left). This type of knocker has been reproduced many times but the original one as shown here weighed a ton and when struck sounded like thunder through the house!


Deptford researcher said...

Thank you for reminding me of the noise the door knockers made, it brought the memory back that I had completely forgotten, when knocking on No 31 Mrs Gittins my grandmothers house.

Andy said...

Thanks for your comment. Your Grandmother was a lovely person. My mum, Pat White, thought the world of her.

Best regards


Deptford researcher said...

Hi Andy, thank you so much for the compliment regarding my Grandmother and apologies for not answering much sooner as have only just logged on today after sending the website to my Aunt who is the daughter of Mrs Gittins. We were interested in the photo of no 29 31 because of the little girl looking out of the door of 31.We think it may be my Aunt. Do you know where the photo was acquired from and why it was taken? Kind regards Pauline

Deptford researcher said...

Hi again Andy, I now cannot find the photo that I refer to on the site perhaps I could post it, is that possible?
Regards Pauline