Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Electric Palace Deptford High Street

Located on the corner of Deptford High Street and Hyde Street. The Deptford Electric Palace opened on 24th December 1910. The front entrance was created out of an existing building, which had most likely previously been a shop. The auditorium seating 625, was built at the rear, along Hyde Street. Hence the local but un-official naming of the site. In late-1912, the auditorium was extended in an unusual way, with the cheap seats at the screen end, as well as being in the main body of the hall, were also now in an annex to the side of the main building, thus giving those sitting on the extreme front side seats an extremely distorted view of the screen. Tragedy struck during a children's matinee performance on 28th April 1917 when a false alarm of 'Fire' sent an over capacity crowd of 1,007 in panic towards the exits. After order had been established, the bodies of four children were found crushed to death. In 1945, it was re-named Palace Cinema. Always independently operated, the Palace Cinema was closed on 18th December 1954 with Charles Starrett(The Durango Kid) in "The Lone Hand" and Mikel Conrad in "Untamed Women". After sitting empty and 'For Sale for a while, it was converted into a supermarket. But this was only to last until the early-1960's when it became a bingo club. In 1989, it was converted into a snooker club, which remains open in 2009 as Shades Snooker & Pool Club.


Anonymous said...

The Palace cinema on the corner of Hyde St was probably better known as the Bug'utch by local people. I remember as a kid being sprayed with some sort of disinfectant as I watched a film.
Great days.

andrew... said...

this was once run by my grandparents...

Andy said...

Hi Andrew,

Do you have any old photos of the E palace especially inside. Any info on the place would be of great interest.


Unknown said...

I recall the 'Bugutch' I used to go Saturday morning pictures there during late 50's (whats up doc and all that!)Real trip down memory lane as I haven't been to Deptford since leaving in 1969.

I remember Sayers Court Park being built, and it became a second home. didn't realise the history behind it until now.

Any old pics of my ancestral roots: Rolt Street, just off Evelyn Street? And wasn't there a pub called Noahs Ark just before juction of Evelyn Street & High Street?

Thanks for the pleasure your site has brought me.


Keith Harman

Andy said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your kind comments. Follow this link to a great site on dead pubs;

great picture of how the old pub looks now. I will try and find some more pics and info on Rolt Street

JACKI said...


Unknown said...

My Grandfather George herbert Traverse was the manager of the 'Electric Palace Cinema Deptford' in 1922 when my father was born,any info or old photo's would be greatly appreciated as i have never seen a photo of my grandfather and only found out today where he lived