Sunday 10 January 2010

The Birds Nest, formerly, The Oxford Arms. Church Street.

I was researching this building recently . This pub use to be called the Oxford Arms back in the 1840,s and probably long before. The Theatre which stood to the right of the pub (See water colour below) has long been demolished but certain parts can still be matched up with my recent photo. The street which goes around to the left of the pub was known as Slaughter House Lane (SHL) which led into Creek Street now named Creekside. The Theatre stood on the end of Sun Coal Warf. When the aera along to the left and right of SHL and the warf were redeveloped I  was told builders contracted to carry out the work found all sorts of treasures including cannons and other ship parts. Observe the windmill in the background. I think this was to do with the area known as Tide Mill.? c1841
A picture painted from Church Street showing the old Tide Mill. You can see on the left the stone building that was attached to the theater. c1840


Anonymous said...

My GT GT Grandfather Andrew Purchase owned the Builders Arms Beer House Church Street during the middle to late 1800's when it was passed to his son Luke Purchase. The address on the 1881 census was 57 Church Street. Andrew Purchase was a famous fairground traveller and also owned many properties on Reginald road as well.
Does anyone have any information or old pictures of Builders Arms or Reginald road?
Email - Michael James

Andy said...

This link to the Deptford Dame may be of interest to you. I will try to source more info for you. Have you also tried

burt said...

The windmill is Black Horse Fields Windmill, which was burned down apparently in 1854

Anonymous said...

There is a book on the windmills of Deptford and elsewhere, and this windmill was on the Greenwich side of the creek and associated with a tannery. It didn't last long.

Unknown said...
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