Sunday 19 February 2012

Watergate Street 1920's? but viewed from what end?

This is a great old photo. The more you look the more you see. Look at the young lad in the fore ground.... to the left, wondering what the rest of the locals are looking at. There's a street name on the left hand side...... any guesses??

Update 26th Feb. 2012.

This extract from Booths notes of London shows Rowley Street was somewhere close to Barnes Alley and I presume Queen Street.

Extract courtesy of London School of Economics and Political Science.


Julie said...

Rowley Street.

Andy said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the info...Where was Rowley St....Has it gone now?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Julie ... it is either Newley Street (unlikely) or Rowley St.

locksmith fort lauderdale said...

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Andy said...

Hi Locksmith!

Thank you for your kind comments on the site. Have you traced ancestors to this area?

Anonymous said...

Rowley Street, Deptford ran west to east, north of Evelyn Street, between New King Street and Watergate Street. [The A to Z of Victorian London by London Topographical Society] My father said that at that time in Deptford some children went about without shoes because of poverty. Some children in the photograph are shoeless.

locksmith nj said...

I agree with the previous comment. I've heard something like that from my relatives too.

lapps1 said...

Regarding which end of Watergate street where looking at it's the top end not the river end. That bend is still there today. the three shops are where the little boy is, on the right was Watergate house LCC flats were I was born in 1939. I wonder when it was demolished ?
Peter Lapper.