Friday 3 February 2012

West side of Watergate Street, Deptford 1903

I think the pub at right center is the Bull & Butcher, 97 Watergate Street, Deptford ?


shipwright's palace said...

This is a great image. I have a plan of c.1900 of these buildings "Orchard Place" just as they were about to be demolished for the extension of the Foreign Cattle Market. The plan shows the Pub. You are right it does read The Bull and Butcher. But for me the most exciting revelation is the arch to "Payne's Wharf" fronting Watergate Street. I reckon the foot of the arch is still present. See also,

for more information on the origin of Payne's Wharf.
Thanks for this image, now we need to solve the question of when the Butcher's Row elevation of Payne's Wharf was altered....

Andy said...

Hi again Shipwrights,

Brill..I knew this photo would cause some interest. I too was wondering what the ornate archway in the distance was but have not had the time to look at the maps etc. Glad to see your spot on with your knowledge of the area. I have a few more photos of Watergate and will post them shortly.

shipwright's palace said...

Hi Andy,
I've looked at Payne's Wharf again and i think that it's pretty clear that the arch shown in your photograph survives in part. Both of the bases of the pillars appear to be intact up to the new c.1950's concrete lintel. The brick pillars appear not to be tied in to the rest of the building either and the brick and pointing alters on the Watergate elevation. Bomb damage occurred to this corner of the building and to the dockyard wall. Very interesting to add the information from your image to the understanding of the building. Thanks.

Andy said...

Hi Shipwrights.

I'm amazed there is still a footprint of the pillars there. Correct me if I'm wrong but was the the location of the structure just outside your gates at the start of what was once known as Butchers Row...right on the corner. Would be very interested to see some photos of your find if you have take any.

Best regards


Stephen King said...


New to this site, so going to delve deep for more info, great photo and a real gem find for me as according to the 1891 Census my GGM lived at 85 Watergate Street which is two doors down from the Coffee House (#81) which is on the left of the photo (the PH is #97) so #85 is dead centre. Almost as if the photographer was taking a picture of that house! LOL.

Great work.

sebhel said...

Palmer's Wharf Cold Storage shared the ex naval dockyard with Convoy's Paper Warehouse up to the '70s. NZ frozen lamb was brought by barge from Victoria docks and stored here. When needed it could be sent by road to Smithfield at night

sebhel said...

Before ww2 it was the Royal Victoria Victualling Yard