Monday 21 July 2014

Help for Giles in his search

Hello All,

Giles Gaffney has asked me to help him on his quest to find more information regarding the area around Lower Watergate and Butchers Row and in particular parts from a missing map. Here's his email to me and he would be grateful for any help.

Chris at Shipwrights can you help in anyway? As you can see Giles has been trying to contact you but like me he doesn't have you email. Thanks


Dear Andy

I wanted to bring this to your attention - would also be grateful if you could please forward it to Shipwright's Palace as I don't have his email address or perhaps a plug on your website even - this is quite exciting stuff! :)

I am attempting to trace the source of this map (below) left by the Deptford Pier company upon demolition of the old village centre, which may span further south and east compared to the excerpt reproduced by Pre Construct in an archaeological report from 2008. It shows the numbering and position of all the buildings, including the names of the pubs/taverns, but is cropped before taking in Lower Watergate where another pub existed (below).


So far I have failed to trace it, but have begun contacting members of Pre Construct, so with any luck may hear back from them. The report in itself is worthy enough to appear on the same shelf, and alongside, the best history books of the Lewisham borough IMO!

Best regards


shipwright's palace said...

Hi Andy and Giles,

this Deptford Pier Company map details the owner and the occupier of each building, as well as listing the function of a building, such as public house or baker for instance. I have two different copies of the map which does indeed reach further south. I don't recall whether it reaches further east as the Deptford Pier proposals would not have directly impacted this area. If you need more information you can reach me
Chris @shipwright's palace

Anonymous said...


I dont think this is the correct way to make contact but I am not familiar with the right way so here goes.
Can anyone help me in finding out more information about Demee or Bigsby families in the area. I know that William Demee was assigned the New Cross Inn in Deptford in 1809 with his wife Ann (nee Payne)(it is poss that her family owned it or at the very least were in the trade. A Demee also was the owner of the New Cross Coffee House in 1809 according to a newspaper article. William Bigsby married their daughter Mary Anne and was assigned the the Old Fountain Inn in Deptford in 1826. In future generations Bigsbys were Varnish and Paint manufacturers.
Can anyone tell me more about any of these?
Nick Bennett

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