Friday 13 November 2015

Help for Geoff please

Hi, I am trying to find out more information about the Royal Victualling Yard and their cricket team . Enclosed is picture of a team which has my grandfather, Arthur Stevenson, pictured seated far right middle row. The date I am not sure of , it could be just before or after WW1. Any information,great or small, would be gratefully received as my personal research has drawn a blank. 
My grandfather, I know,  worked there  after he returned from the war.
Also, does any one know what local newspaper that may have reported on matches. As I am aware, from my mother, that there was a report on my grandfather bowling a hatrick.


Geoff Gough

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harry pearson said...

The newspaper that would have reported on a cricket match would have been the Kentish Mercury,wich used to be based in Deptford High St,but I think it was bought out by The South London Press,hoope this helps