Friday 13 November 2015


I've been trying to find a band that I stumbled across on Youtube a few years back. They had some relation to Deptford. It may have been that the music video I saw was filmed there, or they may have been from Deptford themselves. I'm not entirely sure. It was led by a female and, in the video I saw, she was wearing a dark stocking cap. If I remember correctly, the video was also in a sepia tone. I remember truly enjoying the music, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. It was a recent band (this was December 2012/January 2013) and I don't think they were terribly popular. I may be on a fool's quest, and I do apologize for bothering you with this as I know your site is about old Deptford. I've been searching all over with no answers, and found your site (which is quite wonderful by the way!) and was hoping you might have an idea of where I could at least look for such a thing. I truly appreciate any information you can provide. I hope you're fairing well.

Thank You!


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