Wednesday 18 May 2016

Help for Mark please


I was wondering if you could help me. 
My family pre and post wars were from Deptford the family name being Elston on my grandmother's side.

Enclosed is a photo of the butcher's they once owned on Deptford high street..a picture proudly on display in my great uncles house and a copy also now in mine! 

The picture is anticipated to have been from around the turn of the century may be earlier.

We believe the butcher's was called Elston's, again not too sure! 

In addition the family were landlords and or owners of the Victoria pub on grove street and the old centurion on Deptford high street during war times.

They also had the Crystal Tavern pub...but believe this was rotherhithe.

If you have any knowledge or can help pass on to someone who may no more that would be great.


Mark Roles

Thanks to Bill Ellson's sharp eye we can see Marks grandparents butcher's shop middle left. Also Elston's Market

Thanks Bill


The Grim Reaper said...

The shop was called Elston's Market. Best seen in a Getty Image that you should be able to embed on the blog

mail said...

W.H.Elston described as a Cheese monger traded at 102 High Street from 1906 to 1912
Can't find him on list of licensee's for Victoria Pub.
Interesting to see the bank displaying one of its former names,London City and Midland

mail said...

PS. W.H.Elston ran the business at 102 High Street until his death in 1939.In that year, Mrs Margaret Elston continued to run it.

MT said...

Something that jumped out at me - the pub in Rotherhithe may have actually been in Deptford. The Crystal Palace Tavern was up Tanners Hill - I used to live in the flats they built in its place after it was demolished. Had a rowdy reputation and many of the locals in the George just down the road still remember it well.

MT said...

Although more likely it was the Crystal Tav in Rotherhithe...

mail said...

Crystal Tavern 32 Rotherhithe New Rd. Licensee 1944 Alec Edward Elston

The Grim Reaper said...

mail, thanks for that
full page is here

Caroline said...

I've just found this thread. My mum Pat (now 80) is the youngest daughter of Florence Mabel Diggens nee Elston, daughter of William and Margaret Elston. She doesn't remember her grandad Elston much as they only overlapped by 3 years but lived in the same house as her grandmother after they lost the licence of the Crystal Tavern. She has quite a few family photos, including both grandparents. Margaret's other identifying feature was that she lost a leg and had two false legs, one for every day and one for best!

Florence married Edward Diggens, whose father had a butchers shop in Deptford High Street.

If we are from the same family I'd love to get in touch

Caroline -

Andy said...

Hi Caroline

Yes!! we are the same family. George Diggens was my Grandmother's father. He did have a butcher's shop in the High Street. I believe he was a slaughterman as well at the Cattle market. They live at 29 Albury Street which is where I spent a great deal of time growing up until we moved to Swindon in 1960.

My father's name was Jimmy White with a brother Tony and his sister Clara. His father was James White. Does this help 😀

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Caroline said...

Wow! It's not every day you find a new branch of family! From what mum says Edward was something of a black sheep and I don't know much about the rest of his family but I'll see what she knows and if the Whites are at all familiar. We're both in South London still, I'm in Lee Green and she's in Mottingham. Next time I'm in Deptford I'll find Albury St. I think Elston's must have been bombed as I think 102 was where the new library is.

In fact it looks like two new family branches, as Mark was asking about the Elstons and you're related to the Diggens. Do you have any family photos?

Mark said...

Hi Caroline I have sent you an extract of our family tree to your email. We are indeed related via the Elston family which the extract shows. Please check you email

Bob Diggens said...

My name is Robert Diggens and I think that I am related to Caroline ( her mother is a cousin) and perhaps others on this site... I would very much like to get in contact.

Unknown said...

Hello to all.

George Diggens (1835-1901) is my Great Great Grandfather.
His son: Alfred "Digger" Diggens (1871-1947) is my Great Grandfather
His Daughter: Elsie Diggens (1906-1983) is my Grandmother
Her Son: Dennis Cooper (1936-) is my Dad

So, Edward Alfred Diggens (1888-1968) is my 1st cousin 2x removed, which makes Pat Diggens my 2nd cousin 1x removed and makes Caroline my 3rd Cousin.

I have also found a trace of Diggens & Sons Butchers at 105 High Street Deptford in 1935. I assume this would be opposite to Elston's Butchers at number 102.

If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free to do so, as I'm putting together a family tree at the moment.

Caroline said...

Hello unknown! I’ve just found your comment from last year and would like to get in touch as I’m also piecing together a family tree. Thanks for finding out the number of the Diggens butchers shop as mum couldn’t remember this. I’ll see what’s there now next time I’m Deptford, though if it was opposite Elstons it may have been demolished.

I think we are the same generation as I’m Edward Alfred Diggens granddaughter - so that would make us 3rd cousins. I think if you reply to this message it will put us in email touch