Tuesday 8 November 2016

Help for Teresa

I wonder if anyone can help? I am working on a family tree for a friend but have hit a sticky patch.

My friends grandfather was Alfred Ernest Stanton born in 1905. I have a baptism record for him that States his father was Alfred Stanton and his mother was Florence (Shreeves) that they were living at 22 Octavia Street and that he was a Bar Man. I have not found a marriage for these two and am having trouble continuing on this Stanton line. there are talks of a pub in deptford, which does tie up with the baptism record, but haven't traced him to a pub. also New Cross and a theatre, maybe hearsay links but thought I'd add them just in case it rings any bells with people. I know not much to go on but any help greatly appreciated.

Regards, Teresa


The Grim Reaper said...

Alfred and Florence were not married. Florence Eleanor Shreeves was born 14 Sept 1880 and baptised at Christchurch, Deptford 3 Oct 1880. Her parents were John Thomas Shreeves & Eliza.

Florence married Alfred Peters Razzall on 20 Sep 1909 at St John the Evangelist, East Dulwich.

The 1911 census shows Alfred, Florence and young Alfred living at 49 Rokeby Road, New Cross. Alfred Razzall's occupation is coachman

In 1938 Alfred (senior) and Florence resided at 73 Dutton Street, Greenwich SE10

Florence Razzall death was registered in the third quarter of 1939, and Alfred Razzall's in the final quarter of 1939.

The 1901 census shows a Alfred Stanton 12 & a William Stanton 14, printers apprentice, both born in Tottenham boarding at 16 New Cross Road. This is the only Alfred Stanton showing up on the 1901 census in Deptford, but could be entirely unconnected

Terri said...

Thankyou Bill, Ive checked this and agree with your finds too. Was hoping to see if any old stories of family's connected might come up. Florence and Alfred had Alfred Ernest in 1905 and both were registered on the baptism, so was confused as no marriage, unless he was already married or something happened to him? So then Florence went on to marry Alfred Peters Razzall in 1909, which showed on the 1911 census that he was not his son. Alfred who was the father and a barman on the baptism is a mystery and maybe unsolvable but is the great grandfather of my friend and not spoken about in the family. Was hoping I could connect him to a pub also which is proving a little difficult too. Many thanks for your response, it looks like I shall have to keep trying!!
Regards Terri

Anonymous said...

He is in my family tree. I am Susan Stanton my great grandfather was Charles Alexander Stanton. His wife Lydia Mary Stanton nee Lewin. I think Alfred used Turner as a surname and for a time lived in SE3 in Sunfields Place (bombed during WWII). My father was Michael Stanton. If you would like a little information, Siouxie69@hotmail.Com

TimeTraveller said...

Hi Teresa,
I'm wondering if you have solved the problem for your friend yet? Alfred Stanton was my ggg uncle. You were correct in your assumption that he was already married, in fact he had three families. If you still need help with this research please feel free to email me at ancestrydnatree@gmail.com. I don't want to write too much here out of respect for his grandchildren!
Best wishes, Morag

TimeTraveller said...