Monday 11 March 2019

Help for Glyn

My wife's family came from Deptford.  Their family name is POOLE.

We know they lived in 5 Evelyn Place, Deptford  in 1881 (from the census) and later had a butcher's shop at 168 Grove Street.

The son (my wife's grandfather) lived at 162 Grove Street and later at 125 Grove Street.

Her  great grandmother had a sweet shop at 1 Tanner's Hill. See photo. This was taken in 1919. But we know nothing about it. If you know anything we would be interested to hear.

Kind regards

Glyn Wise

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Unknown said...

Hello Ron,

I have Family - My Great Great grandfather was registered as living at 5, Evelyn Street, Deptford in 1910. James King Church was a Master Fishmonger. His daughter my Great Grandmothers father was a Master Butcher. Matilda Church married a Butcher and became Matilda Double, my Great Grand Parents. Hope this finds you. Cathy Double