Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The Peppercorn Brothers Deptford Broadway

Not quite sure where on the Broadway they were. Can anyone help with identifying 
their location Please. 

 This Pewter teapot was sold by them


Charlie said...

According to the 1890 Post Office Directory they were at 15-19 Broadway.

47 Bus said...

Can trace Peppercorn Bros in old directories -

Furniture Depot at 18 - 20 Deptford Bridge

Grocers 9 - 10 Deptford Broadway

House Furnishers, 11 and 15-19 Deptford Broadway

Grocers, 54 - 56 London Street, Greenwich (now part of Greenwich High Road - somewhere about opposite Greenwich Town Hall)

and Provision dealers at High Street, Sidcup (without giving a number)

The shop picture is most likely the Sidcup shop - references to 'shop at Deptford' and 'book to New Cross' suggest this isn't in Deptford. Although can't find this shop in Sidcup High Street (but possibly re-developed)

The invoice says "close 1 pm Thursday" - found a reference on , "The first to adopt the early closing movement in the grocery and allied trades were Messrs. Peppercorn Bros., of Deptford and Greenwich"

martyn tillett said...

hi my name is martyn i was the owner of the antique warehouse from 9-14 and still am although it is now a nursery and next door restaurant.
13-14 is haunted lots of things happen and still do .
13-14 was built 1898 does any one know what the site was previous
thank you

Unknown said...

Got two wardrobes made by the bros as well interesting read

Andy said...

HI Martyn

Im very interested in your memories expecially the haunting in your property.
Could you email me at

Best regards


Meredith said...

I ran across your site when I was searching for information on this company. I purchased the top to a wash stand which bears their metal plate on the back. I'm trying to either date the piece or determine what the rest of it looked like (since it's been separated from the actual stand - what I have is the "backsplash"). Do you have any other information about this company? What years they operated? The plate says "Peppercorn Bros LTD / Deptford Broadway".