Saturday 4 April 2020

Leighs Story


I was born in Deptford in 1957. Number 9 (I think) Walnut House, Edward Street. I have very vague memories of going to Edward St nursery school.
This next photo was taken by my brother, I have vivid memories of looking at him with his box brownie camera and Walnut house behind him. From this view, obviously taken on my birthday you can see they playground in front of Walnut house.
My family name was Morris, my first name was pretty unusual at the time, being Leigh. Perhaps someone remembers my family. My dad Joe was one of identical twins married to my mum, Joy.  I had an older brother Steve. I remember we used to go to the local baths (not swimming) but for taking a bath and doing your weekly wash, we obviously didn’t have a bathroom in our flat. It may have been in Evelyn Street. I remember a sweet shop just under some railway arches? and in another street nearby either a pet shop or a shop that had a minah bird in a cage outside that would talk to passers by. In those days your local doctor was a family one and would come and pay home visits. Ours was a Dr Conway, does anyone remember him ? On one occasion he was visiting to see my father (who was a steel-erector and had fallen through a roof damaging his back) when he saw that I was having a severe asthma attack. We had no home telephones in those days, so he had to run to the local call box to dial for an ambulance. One of many I’m afraid. I spent more time in Lewisham hospital than in school! The air pollution was pretty bad in those days often with thick “pea souper” smog. I do remember we also had a smallpox outbreak in London and everyone had to be vaccinated. I attach a copy of a photo of myself (aged around) 3Yrs I guess immediately taken after that. I am the first one. We don’t look too impressed do we ?


Anonymous said...

Everything you talk about was the same for me and my Brother , (Andy). Greenwich bath HOUSE, 2d a go LOL! ! Incidentally we are twins as well. James Wolf School.

Unknown said...

What lovely memories.i was born in 1951. In a house in Douglas St. Then lived In. Castell house in church st. We also had Dr Conway as our GP. I went to Tidemill school. I remember a dreadful accident in the toilets/ washroom when a young boy playing/ swinging in the white pull down roller towel. He strangled himself, the shock was immense, and I don't think anyone ever really got over it. The head master was Mr Parkhurst...

diane said...

Hi aunt and grandad lived in walnut house.i was born in 1958.soend a lot of my younger life with them

Anonymous said...

I’ve got a feeling tge sweet shop you are referring to is the one opposite the lord clyde in Wooton rd. brilliant home made ice cream.

Just happens to have been my grandads.

Lee said...

Great memories.

The shop with the Mynah Bird was called Lilly's and was on the corner of Shere Road. Shere Road was where I grew up and lived there until 1966 before we were rehoused before the street was demolished.

I attended Grinling Gibbons School 1965-1967 and John Evelyn School 1967-1971. I have very fond memories of the area and visit a couple of times a year.

Kelys Herbert said...

l was born at No 3 Walnut house Edward street 1956 sister Amanda mum Maureen farther Ron … grinling gibbons , John Evelyn …Eltham Green ….

Andy said...

That's just what we like to read and see. Thanks so much Kelys.

Best regards