Monday 9 November 2020

A Post Card from Eileen

 Hello everyone 

 I though you might be interested in this old postcard as it mentions Southwark Manufacturing at 16 Evelyn Street, Deptford which I believe was gone from there by 1940.

 It also mentions some names: Joan who lived somewhere past Heybridge Avenue – the sender, nothing known of her; Miss Cottrell – nothing known of her.  It is addressed to Betty who I believe is my husband’s paternal grandmother.  She was Elizabeth Redding, born 1888, and I believe at the time she would have been living in New Cross/Newington but I’m not sure.  It must have been sent before December 1914 as that is when her father died.   I find it unusual that this Joan sent the postcard to what appears to have been Betty’s workplace rather than to her home.

Betty’s father was John Matthew Redding born c.1836 who was on Deptford Council from 1900-1905.


Eileen O'Leary

Sydney, Australia


Unknown said...

Well I'm trying to find information on my Gt-grandparents William and Mary Thompson of 2 Colwick St Deptford,but I keep getting distracted with all these wonderful and interesting stories. It brings the place to life. I don't know Deptford as I'm from Yorkshire and am struggling to find a trail of my relatives, but I will carry on enjoying these lovely stories in the meantime, so thank you. 🤗

Kieran Saunders said...

Hi, my Nan was born at that same address in 1925 which was the home of her Grandparents named Hatt. They had lived at the address since about 1918-1957. When would your relatives have lived there?