Thursday 18 August 2011

NELSON'S OLD HOME New Zealand Evening Post, 17 November 1931,


Anonymous said...

Is this true? Did Nelson really live there?

Andy said...

Hi James,

To answer your question there is no concrete proof that he lived at No 34 but Im researching to find out if he did. All I know is that through sucessive people who have lived there, including my aunt, and back to pre 1900 it has always been known and handed down that he did spend time there. Indeed I have uncovered when the house was sold back in the 1930's by the then owners ,The Albany Institute, listed in the sale were items that came from HMS Victory, Nelson's Flagship. More to come.

Anonymous said...

I recently obtained a copy of my ggrandmother's death certificate. She passed away in 1957 at her residence which was listed as the Nelson Buildings. There isn't a street number, or name associated with the place of death.
Does anyone know the location of such a building?

mail said...

Hi,Nelsons Buildings Greenwich.....
Bridge St/Welland St near St. Peters Church
There is another in Nelson Place
Hope this helps

mail said...

PS. Bridge Street name changed to Creek Road

mail said...

PPS. There is a great photo of what I believe to be Nelsons Buildings on

Select "Creek Road" from list on RH side

bill said...

RK thank you so much for your response. As I live in the US, it is difficult to know a lot about the different areas of London. Upon further research, I do believe the Nelson buildings in Greenwich must be the ones that I am looking for, as my ggrandmother lived in Haddo Street, Greenwich and was bombed out during the blitz.


Unknown said...

My grandfather was born in n0 2 Nelson buildings in 1877. The buildings were at the end of Creek Road entering the area around Greenwich Market. The Nelson house was always known in my family, my fathers family was from Evelyn street, as Nelsons house where hw kept him fancy women. The family memory went back to mid 1800 so I had no reason not to belive my father and many old residents from the area. Most is destroyed now, progress I suppose. Just around the corner from Nelsons house a V2 rocket hit Woolworths and killed many people, amongst were many GI.