Wednesday 15 April 2015

Help for Rachel


My family, going back at least 200 years, lived/worked in/near Deptford and I have, coincidentally got a flat on Crossfields - I went back to my roots without realising it!

My gg grandfather, Thomas Pay had a bottle washing business on Church Street Deptford which closed in the 1950s. It was called Thomas Pay&Sons. My grandmother was Rosemary Pay and her siblings Jack and Olive Pay and Joe Berry and 'Boy' Parker were also prominent characters involved in the business in the war/1950s - they had nice cars including a flashy Aston Martin.

I am desperately trying to find out more info on their business/story and wondered if you/readers of your site may know anything at all about them or location of Thomas Pay&Sons?

Huge thanks for any help in advance and thank you for running such an interesting and informative site.

Kind Regards

Rachel Worzencraft


Anonymous said...

Hello, my mother and two sisters worked at pays, Jackie pay was the guv, the factory was on the corner of Reginald road and church st, the factory was still working in the early seventies, my nan also worked there and got a weekly pension.
Regards bill.

ADANA said...

I lived opposite the Pay factory on the corner of Church Street and Reginald Road from 1951 to 1965 he used to park his cars outside where I lived at no 59 on one occasion some lorry hit it and left a yellow paint mark on it and I told him the lorry companies details and he gave me sixpence. They also had their office at 65 Reginald Road in the house across the road from the works on the corner of Church Street, also demolished now

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill & Tony,

Thanks so much for this info - hugely appreciated!

Was The Birds Nest the local?


ADANA said...

The Birds Nest was the Oxford Arms then
most of the work staff and management were seen to frequent it on a Friday after work