Tuesday 14 February 2017

Help for Gill

Just wondering if anyone has any photographs of Dorking Road or the corner shop there before demolition?
My family were the Daltons and I am struggling to find any photos of this road.
Attached photo of my mum Marjorie Dalton (now 96!) and her brother Stan (sadly passed).

Gill Middleton


Anonymous said...

We were always in Parks or Lillies as kids Parks for Walls ice cream lillies for lyons maid and the myna birds
I can remember going in Parks store just as it was closing and playing with all that was considered junk in the store room. The Wickenden kids from Alverton Street, Happy Days

JOHN SMITH said...

Gill, no photo I am afraid but my brother les smith was good friends with steven Dalton ,both went to John Evelyn and they were always getting into trouble at school because they were always laughing.
John Smith