Saturday 8 April 2017

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My great-great-grandmother Julia Button formerly Murphy née Calnan/Hayes married her second husband, Edwin Charles Button in 1933 whilst living at 4 Grenville House, New King Street, Deptford. Family legend has it that she left her husband for another man (her first husband, Timothy Murphy died in 1924). She also worked as a money-lender, a profession which other Catholics would have found distasteful. As a result she fell out with most of her ten children from this marriage.

Julia died in 1949, nine years after her husband Edwin Charles Button. I would very much like to hear from anyone who may have known her. Unfortunately as a result of their fall-out, I have no photos of either of them to share, although it is possible that some may exist.

Her birth has also been the cause of some confusion - on both her marriage licenses she lists herself as the daughter of John Calnan, however on the birth certificates for half of her children she lists her surname as Hayes. She married in 1887 at the age of c. 16. There is no record for a Julia Calnan in the 1881 census but there is some record of a Julia Hayes - how she connects to the Calnan family is yet another mystery.

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Daniel Maldonado

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Daniel Maldonado said...

As a follow-up to my post, I've found that I was wrong about Julia's first husband Timothy dying in 1924 (the death certificate doesn't match him). I've also found that Julia's maiden surname was Calnan - she was born in 1872 and married Timothy Murphy in 1887. I've managed to contact some descendants of her children John, Mary, James and Martin but nobody seems to have any photographs of her although they do have photographs of other relatives which would have been taken during her lifetime. I'd be very interested in finding one as she seems to have been quite an interesting character. Any help would be appreciated!