Tuesday 18 April 2017

Help please


I wonder if anyone has any information about both sides of my Deptford family.

My grandad John Carney (now 86) lived in 73 Fawcett Road, Deptford, from 1928 onwards. His parents, Bridget (born O'Connor) and John Carney, lived there from even before that. My grandad also had siblings Brendan and Sheila Carney. Unfortunately, my grandad was put into care quite early on as his mother died so we don't have a lot of information about his Deptford days. Any memories of the family or Fawcett road would be greatly appreciated! 

Another side of my Deptford family history is that my New Cross Nan, Pauline Carney's (born Freeman) family used to run a (Jewish?) grocery store (or maybe a sweet shop) along Deptford Broadway, on the corner of the park and next to or near Molins Cigarette factory. My nan can't remember the name of the shop but thinks it was a family name - so probably Freeman's/Freemans or Friedman's? Rosenburg was also a family name: Eva Rosenburg and John Freeman were my great-grandparents. 

Both my grandparents are old now and enjoy talking about their family history so any information or any stories would be so lovely!

Thank you.


OldScribe said...

Any connection to John Carney that went to St. Josephs School Deptford, who should be approximately 63/64 years old now? Many thanks Joyce

Anonymous said...

My nan and grandad lived at 43 fawcett road , in 1928 , it was the year my mum was born , they were Fred and Mary kettle , my mum was violet ,and her sister was Joan , they have both passed away but would have now been slightly older than your grandad , they would have been 89 and 92 , there was 2 further children Pam and Fred , they moved from rotherhilthe when my mum vi , and Joan were 8 and 11 years old , Pam was then 3 and Fred just 2 weeks old , my grandad had originally come from Colchester ,Essex , and my nan had always lived in London , but theymoved back to Essex , to silverend near braintree , as my grandad got a job in crittals factory , do you know which roads replaced fawcett or the name of the school that my mum and her sister would have gone to , they would have been at school there , in the early 1930s , I do know my mum was christened at St. Paul's in deptford , not the cathedral lol ,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce & anon, thank you for your replies.

My grandad John Carney sadly passed away at the beginning of this year, aged 89 (I got his age in the original post wrong!). There are quite a few John Carneys in the family but none in their 60s - would be interesting to see if there is a connection though...

Re: Fawcett road

1928 was also the year my grandad was born and grew up along Fawcett Road... Maybe my grandad knew Violet and Joan? They may have gone to primary school together... we've got a picture from my grandad's primary school class so I can get the name for you when I'm next at my mum's... may even be able to upload it.

I'd also be interested to see which road(s) replaced Fawcett road


Nancy (nancy.carney@icloud.com)

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