Saturday, 7 July 2018

Help for Pat

Does anyone remember my Grandad from Edward Street, Deptford?
I have the original newspaper this was from.
I lived in Clyde Street, Deptford. My name was Pat Hill, and I had a brother Bob, and my parents names were Charles and Vi Hill.
Any replies would be interesting.
Pat Robertson


Colin Bailey said...

A Mrs Hill living at 22 or 24 Clyde St. was a tenant of my grandfather (Richard Quittenton, licensee of the King of Prussia, later King of Belgium). She was bombed out during the war. She had 2 children, Reg (moved to Bromley) and Marjorie, married Charlie Wincup (no children), moved to Victoria Rd, Chislehurst and then to 13 Eden Rd. Bexley DA5 2QE.

Unknown said...

I wonder if the “Block Of Flats” referred to in the newspaper report was Walnut House ? This was in Edward Street. I lived there from 1957. My Parents were Joe and Joy Morris. I think we lived on the 2nd floor possibly number nine. I remember public baths nearby.....not sure if this was in Evelyn street where you could do your washing and have a bath too. I also believe I went to a nursery school in this road. I don’t recall the flats being very tall, perhaps 3 or 4 storeys high with the top level being an opening airing room where you could hang your washing. There was a lift I remember as I recall being stuck in it one time when it broke down and the fire brigade had to be called. This was all 61 years ago so memories are fading, but I do remember some railway arches and perhaps a sweet shop right next to one of the arches. I also remember the local Doctor was a Dr Conway ? There was also a shop nearby ( perhaps a pet shop) that had a mynah bird outside in a cage ? Does anyone remember any of this ?

Unknown said...

My Nan's family lived at 83 Edward Street. Their name was Mitchell. Her children were Doris, May, Violet (my mum) and Harry. Their father was Edward Mitchell - he died in 1933.

Christine said...

Hi all, I lived at 68 Edward Street Deptford with my parents, my nan and 2 sisters, 2 brothers and dog Jet. Right next door to the sweet shop and Pub. The surname was Finch.
I went to grindling gibbons primary then at 8 years old I went to John Evelyn till I left I 1966 to go to Eltham Green School. Does anyone remember the name, I remember Christine wignall Sharon Harlow a girl called Rita. Susan Thorne. We al used to do shows for the old people in a church hall. Happy times. I’d love to hear from someone who knew the families.

Anonymous said...

The Cook family! As children, a lot of our time was spent in 'the kenty' anyone remember? Great place for rope swings ��