Tuesday 3 March 2020

Trying to find out about the Mantles & Gitshams from Mill Street

Dear Andy,

I have put a post up on the Carrington post, but didn't get any replies so hoping you could put a separate post for me to assist with my search for info. I have written the following that you could cut and paste into the post if that makes things easier'

I am a great granddaughter of Maria Mantle, whose parents Uriah and Sarah Gitsham, ran the Freemason's Arms, a pretty down and out alehouse in Mill St. The alehouse was eventually closed and buildings demolished and replaced by Carrington House.

In trying to trace the movements of the family after leaving the Mill St address, I haven't been able to find information. Maria eventually emigrated to Melbourne Australia but shipping records not clear in determining her arrival date. She gave birth to my grandfather in December 1899 out of wedlock. His birth certificate does not record a father's name. 

Maria's mother, Sarah Gitsham seems to have been a bit of a tough old chook, remarrying a Daniel Hone and having more children post Uriah. She also seems to have visited Melbourne at least once.

If anyone can help me out on my quest to learn more about the Gitshams and Mantles of the former Mill St I would greatly appreciate any information that you can provide.  

Thanks for putting this up on your website.
Kind regards


Anonymous said...

I'm related to Thomas Mantle, who is the husband of Sarah Ann Gitsham. His mother Eliza is my 4th great grandmother and your 3rd great grandmother. If you want information on Eliza and her parents, just leave a message.

Anonymous said...

My Grandmothers name was Emily Mantle. Her mother was Sarah Gitsham. If you would like to hear more please lease a message.

Sharon Washington said...

I am the granddaughter of Emily Mantle, Maria’s sister, I have lots of information on the family. Feel free to contact me

Simone said...

Hi Sharon, sorry haven't been on the site for a while so missed this. Yes very interested but not sure how I get in contact.

Simone said...

Hi Sharon or Andy,
Hoping you can help me get in touch re following up on comments. I am not sure how to complete the circle here - limited experience with Blog. Seems like only access is via the comments page.
Look forward to hearing back.